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All materials presented on the GMAB radio program are royalty free as agreed to by the owners thereof, and the programming is presented for educational and informational purposes as no artist, writer of publisher are paid for their appearance.

”Give Me A Break” Radio Hour Podcast is supported by donations from listeners like you! … Please Click the PayPal Donate button on episode page to help keep great programming free for all to enjoy.


Nashville Based Singer Songwriter Bobby Pizazz along with featured co-hosts… Produce Give Me A Break Radio… Our Mission is to feature Singer/Songwriters and Artists who can have a stage to share their Music, Insights and Life Stories to a worldwide audience.

A place for them to safely explore, “out of the box” thinking… share their ins and outs of the Business of Music and tips about the Art of Performing and the Art of Songwriting.

We also Discuss New Music Business Models in use today. These shows provide a great learning opportunity for all who are interested in the music industry. Learn from the knowledge and insights shared from each of our guest. of what it takes, what to look out for, how to see it though, build passion and love in your heart for your craft… How to bring out the best in you… Many subjects that cover a gamut of information about the current music business and what people are doing to cope with all the changes…

 “Hi Folks I’m Bobby Pizazz and I am a Singer/SongWriter Performing Artist and Host and Producer of “GIVE ME A BREAK” Radio/TV Show, and I’m very honored to share the stage with some of the Greatest Singer/Songwriters on the Planet and the best Up-and-Coming Artists.”

”Give Me A Break” Radio Hour Podcast is supported by donations from listeners like you! … Please Click the PayPal Donate button  to help keep great programming free for all to enjoy.


Serge Media Group

Serge Media Group – modern day social media, networking, and publicity backed by a trustworthy and diligent work ethic.  Building and amplifying your story for relevancy.  Serge Entertainment Group on FaceBook

To schedule a free consultation, please call 678-880-8207 or email SergeEnt at

 Hi Folks, I’ve known Sandy Serge of Serge Media Group for many years. I met her through my dear friend and publisher, Scotty Turner, may he rest in peace. From my experience, she is one of the biggest believers in helping musicians with their career. So if you are trying to create branding, awareness and exposure for your music, I recommend Serge Media Group as your launchpad. Serving musicians’ media and publicity needs for 40 plus years, Serge Media Group not only understands the many ways required to enhance your career, but is willing to work with you on a more personal level and stand behind your music. They focus on widespread web marketing and fanbase cultivating, social networking, and traditional PR outlets including TV appearances, plus much more. In short, they go above and beyond. So if you want help with your career, visit their web site at for more info or contact Sandy at Serge Media Group at for a free consultation.


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